• The semi-permanent tattooing method known as microblading is applied to the eyebrows. By giving the appearance of a more defined and fuller brow, microblading can be performed on someone with sparse to nonexistent eyebrows. Many of us invest a significant amount of time and money in waxing, threading, plucking, and filling up our brows.
  • The pigment begins to fade around 18-24 months leaving you with a more natural look.
  • With the use of a special Phibrows equipment, the pigment is applied to the skin in the shape of tiny hairlike markings. Depending on the technique and the kind of skin, your artist will select the needles and the blade type. In order to create incredibly fine, realistic-looking hair strokes, the pigment is bladed just beneath the epidermis and in the shallowest section of the dermis. As the hairs are bladed into the skin in the direction that they naturally grow, a highly natural appearance is obtained. 4-6 weeks following your original treatment, a touch-up is offered.

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