Mayical Skin Care

Mayical Skin Care


The method entails tracing the desired hairs with a piece of twisted cotton or polyester thread. The artist can encircle one or more hairs by rolling in a series of motions that each generate a miniature lasso. Each hair is pulled out of the follicle when the thread contracts, leaving just a spotless skin surface behind. Threading is a great option for hair removal around the eyes and on the face because of how accurate it is.

Benefits include:

  • Quick – Threading sessions frequently end before you realize it. The length of the service can be as short as a few minutes, depending on the artist’s skill and your hair removal needs. The average time of an eyebrow threading appointment is 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Long-lasting – The effects of threading can endure for up to 6 weeks before a follow-up appointment is required. You should take into account your own hair’s regrowth cycle and thickness. In order to preserve their optimum results, many clients repeat their service every two to three weeks.
  • Very accurate – Since artists remove individual hairs, this enables the removal of very fine hairs, producing a sharp and clean appearance. The artist has a great deal of control over which hairs are eliminated when using threading.
  • Natural form — This relates to the previously mentioned accuracy element. Threading allows the artist to precisely carve the desired shape rather than pulling a wide swath of hair like in a waxing procedure. The outcomes appear tidy and organic.
  • Sanitary: When you are threaded, only fresh cotton or polyester thread is rubbed against your skin. No tools exist that may be contaminated or used to propagate bacterial diseases.
  • Chemical-free – Threading is a very practical alternative for people with sensitive skin because it doesn’t include any chemicals, solutions, or parabens.

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