Mayical Skin Care

Mayical Skin Care

Microblading Lips

What does microblading lips do?

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique which consists of injecting the lips with ink pigment to reshape and recolor the lips. Microblading makes lips look more defined and alive. Using this permanent makeup technique, the color and the symmetry of the lips are enhanced or corrected.

To be sure, microblading for lips doesn’t replace make-up. You can’t expect a full, perfectly-applied lip. However, microblading will save you time and energy by making your lips look more beautiful naturally. In short, you will only now need simple makeup to do the trick of making your lips look even prettier.

Why try microblading lips?

The lips are an important feature of our face. They’re home to smiles, laughter, and other emotions. While fashion may quickly change with the season, defined and kissable lips will always be in style. Microblading is perfect for busy, working individuals who need to look their best all the time. It’s also great for athletes who still want to look fresh even after training.

Plus, microblading has virtually no downtime. The process itself takes only an hour of your time, and you can get back to the rest of your day with no problem.

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