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Do’s and Don’t’s of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a wonderful option for getting rid of unwanted hairs. However, it is a serious treatment and must be done carefully and safely. Follow these Do’s and Don’t’s to gain the best results from laser hair treatment and ensure your skin’s safety.


Shave the night before your appointment. The more surface hair you have during treatment, the more painful and less effective it is.

Show up with clean skin. Carefully wash the areas that will be treated, removing any dirt or grime. Avoid applying products such as moisturizer.

Wear SPF 30+ every day after treatment to prevent burning or other forms of sun damage.

Wear protective eyewear during treatment. Both direct and indirect laser radiation can damage your eyes, sometimes even resulting in blindness.

Follow all post-treatment care instructions. These are essential if you want your skin to heal quickly and for the treatment to be completely effective.

ASK QUESTIONS. Your service provider is prepared to address any and all inquiries you might have about the treatment. All questions are valid and important.


Be exposed to the sun 2 weeks before or after treatment. Sun exposure before treatment can cause your skin to darken or your hair to lighten. This will make the treatment less effective. Likewise, sun exposure after treatment can lead to skin damage because the skin is sensitive after treatment.

Tan before or after treatment, even artificially. Tanning will make treatment less effective.

Wax or pluck hair before treatment. The purpose of the laser treatment is to target the hair right at the follicle. Waxing or plucking the hair removes the root, thus making laser treatment less effective.

Drink antibiotics or Acutane before treatment. Be off the medication at least one week before treatment. Antibiotics make your skin more sensitive, especially to sun. This can cause scarring or other forms of skin damage.

• Wax or tweeze your hair 

• Use tanning oil or use tanning beds

• Use hair removal cream 

• Hair bleach 

• Do not do any laser hair treatment if you are nursing, or pregnant.


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