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5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Hair is something that can frustrate a lot of people. Sometimes we have too much of it, or it grows in uncomfortable places. Because of this, there are several options available for people who want to remove their hair and have smooth, flawless skin in its place. Laser hair removal is one of the most beneficial options. Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. It removes large amounts of hair at a time.

    Laser hair removal treatments don’t go one hair at a time – they target larger areas of the body at once, removing hair a lot faster and effectively than other methods, such as waxing or shaving.

  2. It targets hair right at the follicle.

    The laser emits a light directly into the hair follicle. The light is then absorbed by the follicle, destroying the hair in the process.

  3. It improves ingrown hairs.

    Targeting the hair follicles directly allows the follicle to get smaller and weaker. This prevents ingrown hairs from occurring.

  4. It’s fast.

    Laser hair removal treatment sessions usually don’t last longer than 30 minutes. Of course, the smaller the area being treated, the less time it takes. A small area, such as the underarms, takes about 5 minutes.

  5. It’s effective.

    After several sessions of laser hair removal, the hair follicles shrink, which causes the hair to take longer to grow. Then, when the hair does grow, it grows back thinner, lighter, weaker, and in less amounts. In some cases, the treatments stops hair growth altogether, although it mostly just reduces the amount and speed of the hair growth by a large percentage.

    Waxing, shaving, plucking – these are all short-term options for hair removal. For long lasting results, laser is definitely the way to go.

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